How To Live In "Divine Flow"...

Saturday, March 11th, 2023 (75 min. duration)
11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm GMT

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With Brian J Plachta, J.D., M.P.C., Author, Spiritual Mentor, Pastoral Counselor, and Attorney

Imagine waking up each morning in "Divine Flow"... a sense of inner ease, balance, and wholeness.

You experience:

  • Living with purpose and passion
  • Feeling connected to your True Self
  • God’s loving embrace and guidance
  • Having the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to live your best life
  • Facing each day with courage and conviction

That’s what "Divine Flow" feels like!

But we live in a fast-paced, noisy, and chaotic world that often robs our peace. Our minds get blasted with information-overload. 

We develop the proverbial “monkey-mind” that, like a chimpanzee, screams ook! ook! at us.

Fear and anxiety plug the flow of natural peace and happiness that we so deeply desire.

Many of us silently shout, “There’s got to be a better way, a simple path we can follow that allows us to discover and sustain inner peace!”

And there is!

Join me LIVE and discover 3 keys for living in "Divine Flow" so you can find more inner peace, wholeness, and authentic happiness.

Here’s the 3 keys you’ll discover:

Key #1: Your Breath is a Pathway to Inner Peace

Discover why the “breath of life” is the gift you received when you were born and how you can use it to restore inner ease, a calm mind, and greater clarity whenever you need to.

Key #2: Daily Meditation is Key to Unlocking the Door to Your Inner Self

Learn how to start your day having coffee with the Creator as you let, “Quiet Time Solve Everything.”

Key #3: Your Heartmind Is the Pathway to Your Inner Guidance System

Discover how to let your mind sink into your heart so you can plug into your Personal Inner Guidance System and hear the voice of wisdom guiding you in life-giving ways.

By the end of this online workshop you'll have spiritual practices to use in your daily life for living in "Divine Flow".

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What People Are Saying

Stuart P. Ray

Former Executive Director, Guiding Light Mission

Brian’s workshops and teachings inspire my heart and mind. He has a unique ability to connect real life experiences with deeper spiritual truths in a practical and fun way.

Victoria Vuletich Kane

Vuletich Law Firm, Ethics² LLC

Brian’s teachings have been a spiritual gift for me. Full of practical—and often amusing—insights that bridge the gap between what we believe spiritual growth to be and the everyday reality of what it really is. Brian finds spiritual lessons tucked into traffic jams, spats with spouses, the mundane, and most importantly, our disappointment when we stumble in our quest to respond to life with a non-judgmental open heart.

Lisa Hudkins

Spiritual Director

Brian’s workshops are outstanding. They’re engaging and experiential. They help me see myself through God’s eyes.

About Your Workshop Host

Brian’s deep passion is to help people discover and experience a real, God-with-skin relationship with the Divine—one that opens the door to the unconditional love and guiding presence of the Creator in your daily life. He’s been guiding people on the pathway of Finding Flow for 30+ years.

As an attorney turned-author, spiritual mentor, and speaker, he helps individuals and groups throughout the world connect with the natural flow of inner peace, balance, and wholeness through his books, webinars, guided meditations, spiritual direction, weekly reflections, and on-line & in-person courses and workshops.

Brian’s a husband, father, grandfather, and has been a spiritual director for over thirty years. He holds a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and writes a popular weekly blog, Simple Wisdom for Everyday Living.

He and his wife of forty years live in West Michigan. Having successfully launched their fourth child, the Plachta’s are empty nesters and enjoy an ever-growing brood of grandchildren.

Brian’s latest book, Finding Flow—Spiritual Practices to Reclaim Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness provides an engaging four-fold pattern of spirit-filled living.

His practical spirituality books, reflections, and workshops have had a profound life-giving influence on thousands of people whom he’s helped discover how to live in Divine Flow!

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